Out-of-house advertising, also known as outdoor advertising, is placed anywhere outside of the consumer’s home.

This could be a public space, event centre, campus, major metro station, retail store, on top of a taxi, inside an elevator, and in any other commercial areas.

Digital out-of-house (DOOH) advertising is a modern take on out-of-house, powered by digital signage technologies.
Compared with traditional printed media, digital screens are dynamic – they can activate the right message to the right target audience at the right time.

With dynamic DOOH advertising, every screen becomes addressable, accountable, and attributable – a strategy known as “3A.”

Addressable enables the programmatic activation of a digital advertisement.

Accountable measures the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Attributable measures the real business outcomes based on the advertisement.

We provide a range of high impact, high-quality screens in targeted host venues that promise to reach accurate and relevant audiences.
This will not only increase consumer interaction, but also customer satisfaction by engaging consumers with valuable informative content at the time they are most receptive.

The My Vision network provides full-motion, small format screens which allow advertisers to showcase their brands in a non-competitive environment.
The screens deliver the latest in digital technology with bold, vibrant and current content that is guaranteed to catch the eye.